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Julie O

Excellent & knowledgable service — highly recommend!

Stephanie M

I have used them several times and have been pleased with their service. Straightforward, pleasant and knowledgeable.

Stacy L

We had major ant problems in our kitchen. We battled them by ourselves (rather unsuccessfully) for about a year then, when I was about to have a baby, decided we didn't have the time or resources to continue the endless effort. One visit from We Care and we were ant free for 15 MONTHS! As soon as I saw a few ants in the kitchen again I gave them a call immediately. Now ant free again and I don't even have to worry about the products harming my pets or my baby (or us)! LOVE THESE GUYS!

Nancy A

Under attack by fleas,We Care came and took care of our little cottage. The service was very professional but friendly. A small place requires a bit of creativity to get all the nooks and crannies and our pro did a patient and careful job of it.

Rosemarie Halajian

I have used We Care Pest Control twice over the last few years. Both times they were great and they solved the problem quickly and for a reasonable price. I would use them again if I needed anything.

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jf scott

Our tenants thought a couple of bats had roosted inside a small space between the center beam and the roof of the cathedral ceilings in our rental home. Alan came to the home to inspect and found evidence of bats, but did not see any. He …

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