When you call us you can be assured that you are calling on fully trained professionals who truly care about the health and safety of your family and who will do the job right—the first time!

Our trained professionals will rid your home of unwanted nuisances so that you and your family can live in peace and enjoy your home again. Child and pet friendly—we use the safest possible methods and products.

We know rodents, how they enter, where they live and their breeding habits. Rats and mice are creatures of habit. They like to use the same runways, sleep in the same places and forage in the same areas when possible.

Rodents chew by nature, therefore they sometimes chew through electrical wires, telephone wires, cables and more. This type of damage can be quite costly as well as being unhealthy and dangerous.

Most homeowners are not very successful in ridding their home of rodents because they lack the knowledge and training necessary to do the job right.

With our knowledge, experience and training, we get it done right—quickly!

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