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Tips for Securing Your Home

Remove the welcome mat for pests and rodents!

Dry Out Drainage Areas
Dry out any sources of moisture in or around your home. Fix leaks on the inside and make sure that you have proper drainage away from your house. Do not leave buckets or pools of water on or around your deck or porch as this will attract insects.

Seal Up the Open Spaces
Make sure all outside doors and windows are completely sealed. If you can see light around a door or window, insects and rodents will be able to come in. Also, keep your garage door closed. Make sure the weather stripping at the bottom of all doors is in good condition. Check the screening on all vents.

Trim Around the Edge
Plants and trees create easy access to your home. Keep all trees, shrubs and plants away from your roof, eaves, sides and windows. Keep debris, mulch, woodpiles and scraps away from the foundation of your home.

Clean Up After Yourself
Immediately clean up food spills. Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight. Regular vacuuming and cleaning decreases the likelihood of pest infestation. Change the vacuum bag frequently so it doesn’t become a breeding ground.

Take Care With How You Store Your Items
Items around the house, in attics, closets, garages and basements provide excellent housing for pests. If possible, store your items in plastic containers.